The company

Saviamedical is a Greek company specializing in the import, marketing and promotion of Medical Devices in the field of Anti-aging and Cosmetic Medicine.

The company was founded in 2015 by professionals and scientists with many years of experience and knowledge in both fields, Cosmetic Medicine and Advertising and Marketing.

The founders had a common vision and purpose: to become the best collaborators and cooperators to the doctors by offering them new proposals and materials, together with reliable, innovative and quality products of Cosmetic Medicine. All these coming together with a supporting and continuous education. The founders decided, in the midst of all those difficult economic conditions at the global level, to try and establish the company Saviamedical in order to continuously deliver a combination of new and updated solutions and products to their customers.

Furthermore, all our employees share the same principles, vision and values of the founders, which is important for the success of the company. Our employees, together with our cutting-edge portfolios of products, compose the most important assets of our company, making it one of the top and most reliable companies in the field.

Our vision and principles of responsibility and accountability keep us daily alert in order to deliver constantly the most innovative and appropriate products and solutions to our fellow doctors.

Our Vision

To discover and deliver innovative and cutting-edge products of superior quality, safety and reliability in order to offer our fellow physicians the ability to improve the quality of life of their patients and clients.

Our Philosophy

To constantly respond to the demands of modern Cosmetic Medicine for innovative high quality products and new techniques and in this way to constantly add value to the Doctor's services towards their patients and clients.

Our Values

Our values are guided by our desire to improve life and achieve scientific excellence according to the highest quality standards, and ultimately to help our fellow physicians to apply safe and reliable products and formulas.

Our values

  • Innovation
  • Quality and security
  • Responsibility
  • Reliability
  • Curiosity for the new
  • Love for human life and its aesthetics

Our audacious goals

To be established until 2021 as the best-known Greek company in our field, and provide to our fellow physicians with innovative high quality products and continuous training of new techniques in the area of Cosmetic Medicine. Also to provide them with applications that will offer solutions to any contemporary requirements of their field and specialization and in this way to meet successfully all the new challenges they face in their way.

Vivid description of our ideas

We will invest in collecting and processing knowledge from leading universities, laboratories and institutions around the world. Together with our best practices in the fields of management, operations, development and education and finally customer service, we will synthesize and deliver the knowledge we have collected in an authentic way, respecting all individuals and every company.