The Japanese company TSK is the world's leading company in the field, with international awards for the technology and expertise that it possesses in the design and production of consumables such as application Cannulas for hyaluronic acid implants, and needles for using Botulinum toxin, mesotherapy, and hyaluronic acid implants.


The innovation of using a cannula during the application of Hyaluronic implants lies with the extremely low risk for the development of melanomas, compared to using a needle. The ultimate innovation of the TSK STERIGLIDE cannual, which has won two awards, lies with the fact that it has overcome any obstacle regarding the easy penetration from the entry point, and easy guidance of the cannula by the Physician inside the tissue.
The awarded TSK STERIGLIDE cannula can achieve, as it is proved by studies and measurements, 50% better slipping and penetration.

TSK LDS 33G Bont Needle

The thinnest botulinum toxin application needle, and the only one worldwide with LDS (Low Dead Space) technology, under which, there is no residue of the material left at the point where the needle is connected to the syringe (hub), saving up to 0.08ml of Botulinum toxin material, as a result.


-Before and after the injectable applications
-Numbness from anesthesia
-Cooling effect
-Prevention of edema and bruises